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ut of reach. hamburger helper. help is on the way. i pledge because i want to be the world's fastest swimmer! [ female announcer ] take one giant pledge with your family to eat one more veggie a day. together we can make healthy fun. join green giant on facebook. ho ho ho ♪ green giant i heard a big crash. no brakes. nothing. just a big crash. >> a developing story after a driver lost control of his suv. hit a woman on the sidewalk and then crashed into a restaurant. good evening. >> it is a community event that plays out across the bay area on thursday nights. tonight the farm he's market in san rafael came to an abrupt halt. we go right to kimberly teri who joins us with this story. >> reporter: fourth street in
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san rafael just reopened about an hour ago. they were able to get that suv that was involved in the accident from the building it crashed into. you can see they're shoring up that building right now. police say just after 5:00 p.m. interesting driver of an suv crashed into a restaurant. during that know, the suv also pushed a 78-year-old woman into the building, pinning her underneath that vehicle for about ten minutes until police say firefighters could finally get her out. she was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. >> and apparently what happened is the driver drove around the police car. fourth street was already shut down for farmer's market. and the driver drove straight into lundy's restaurant into a woman. >> reporter: the 1100 block of the street was closed at the time of the accident to allow venldors to set up for a weekly farmer's market. police stay suv driver is one of those vendors. he was not injured in the accident and was taken in for
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questioning. lundy's restaurant which is normally packed with people had just finished its lunch rush and was closed. neighbors say it is a good thing it was or many more people could have been hurt in this accident. the crash is still under investigation. i was able to just speak with the owner of lundy's who says he does plan to rebuild as soon as possible and get his employees back to work. he also said he is deeply concerned for the woman who was injured and hopes she is able to recover. again, fourth street is just reopened. reopen in the last 20 minutes, i would say. as you can see, they're shoring up the building with plans to reopen as soon as possible. live in san rafael. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. and happening right now, police shut down several blocks in san francisco tonight after an officer shot a suspected gang member. the chief police is on the scene. the area impacted is between 14th street and the mission. here's what we know right now. after a short foot chase,
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investigators say an undercover officer shot a man who they say pointed a gun at him. authorities say the suspect is expected to recover and did not suffer life threatening injuries. we are getting late word right now the protesters have gathered outside the police department in the mission. we understand there is some acts of violence and vandalism going on and police are out in riot gear right now. we will bring you more information on this as soon as we get it. now to a story you'll see only on nbc bay area news. the parents of u.s. ambassador christopher stevens are remembering their son. stevens' mother and stepfather just returned home from washington where the president honored their son. nbc bay area's jody hernandez sat down with the couple for their first on camera interview. >> wherever we were with him, and we visited him in morocco and saudi and in tunisia, and he was as at home as if we in piedmont. >> reporter: chris stevens' mother and stepdad say that's what set their ambassador son
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apart. stevens' parents just returned from washington where they retrieved remains of their son. the u.s. ambassador to libya who was killed in an attack on the u.s. embassy in benghazi last week. >> he was not the type of diplomat to sit in the office and attend receptions and just be a formal person. he was a man of the people. >> i'm perfectly aware that there was danger. but there was danger almost every place he went. >> reporter: stevens' mother said she learn long ago not to worry. she says her son inherited his curious and outgoing nature from his grandfather and was on the go from the start. in fact, trips to the park kept her on her toes. >> chris, would take off. across toward the street and i would run out and get him and bring him back. he would take off in other direction and i would run off and get him. he was a really active little guy. so he wasn't always -- and just kind of, you know, busy.
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>> reporter: and he didn't stop. he studied abroad in high school and college. and did a continue in the peace corps before ultimately teague a career in the foreign service. but the east bay remained home and ties to his family stayed strong. >> he was a great big brother. he watched over his brother and his sisters and he -- sister, and he was a responsible person. >> in the 36 years i was privileged to be his stepfather, i never once saw him lose his temper or utter a harsh word or an imprecation ever. >> reporter: stevens' parents are pouring through well wishes. they've built a webb for folks to build remembrances as they deal with their loss. >> i feel like since i'm the matriarch here, i had to just do what hillary clinton said and that's talk and dry my tears and traiten my spine and be a
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person, you know. be an american. who gets on with doing what they're supposed to do. >> i think of chris, he is on the bed where he schlep and his ashes are there. but he is really here. and i don't mean that he's hearing what we're saying or he's -- but he's now part of us. that's inseparable. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> to read more about our interview with ambassador stevens' parents, you can go to our website at you can find a link to memorial website. an-up date on the youtube video initially linked to the mideast violence. a judge deny the request made by an actress from that video. she wanted you tube to remove the clip. the actress claims the producer
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of the film lied to the cast about the video's intent. her attorney plans to continue her legal fight. the countdown is on to a history moment in the bay area. already there is a change. the much anticipated flyover by space shuttle endeavour delayed by one hour because of our famous fog. from walnut creek, to the bay bridge, then mountain view, a lot of people will be looking to the sky tomorrow morning. among the best places to view the flyover, take a look. the discovery museum, the exploratorium, and moffett feel in the south bay. let's bring in jean. so much excitement for this brief event. >> reporter: it will be brief, raj, but they are prepared for thousands of people to come here to moffett field tomorrow morning. the parking signs are in place. some chairs are set up. not very many. it is expected to be a hectic morning getting in here but enthusiasts say a chance to see
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the fly-by will be worth the trouble. >> the shuttle is the most complicated of come probable equipment. >> reporter: when john sees video of space shuttle "endeavour's" final voyage, he sees science in action. he spent six years managing nasa ames shuttle operation program. he was charged with sure the shuttle had a safe trip in extreme conditions. >> taking off and then being in freezing cold in space and then coming in through immense heat that you come through reentry and then being able to than like an airplane. >> it is a spectacular thing. >> the astronaut mark kelly was the last to command the "endeavour." he and his wife gabe relevant giffords watched it fly over arizona thursday. kelly continues to be amazed by its abilities. >> we launch an airplane essentially into space. it operates as a spaceship for more than two weeks. comes screaming back through the atmosphere. at mock 25 and lands on a
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runway. it is something nobody else has been able to do. >> i hope to design it and build it. >> reporter: allman was a big part of the success. he built the wind tunnel. >> simulate the air flowing over the model and get accurate results that were predictable, repeatable to the way the shuttles actually flew through the atmosphere. >> reporter: the end of the shuttle program is a lot like the end of a love affair for many at moffett. >> any time you're at an exciting project, you have to go through some grieving. >> reporter: the fly-by will be an emotional moment but it will also be filled with pride. the men and women at nasa ames made it a successful they also helped design the 747 that is flying it around. >> the 747 that you're going to see flying tomorrow. we did all the night analysis for that. >> reporter: a lot of hard work here. the gates open at 6:00 a.m. if you don't have a permit already, you cannot park here. that flyover is expected to happen here between 9:30 and
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10:30 tomorrow morning. reporting live at moffett field. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the big question is will the weather cooperate with tomorrow's flyover? let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> we're downing down, t-ten hours. as jean mentioned, the weather will be very crucial here. we've already had the windows slide up a little bit because some of low clouds that will help. right now our forecast is the best it has been this week. improving just in time. you can see not a lot of fog there in the san francisco area. we still can't rule out a little low cloud cover for the morning hours. here's what we're looking at. the golden gate tower. what we zoom in on, how high will those cloud tops be? 1,700 feet. more that low cloud situation. and the shuttle is expected to fly at about 1,500 feet. so at this point, it should be
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visible if you are headed out to the golden gate bridge. we cannot rule out a few areas of patchy low clouds and maybe stub or not and slow to clear out. temperatures in the mid 50s. that classic wind at 9:00 a.m. then as we take you to moffett field, thousands of people headed down here. the temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s but here's the great part. with that forecast improving with our latest forecast model runs, we should have some broken clouds and even some sunshine for the morning hours. so the best case scenario is what we're seeing right now. it looks as if right now, we're going to see that shuttle as it flies over the bay area. we'll have more coming up. >> sounds good. we will have complete coverage. if all goes as planned, you can see it live right here on nbc bay area around 9:30 tomorrow morning. we will stream it live on see this line here? it is all for the iphone 5. we'll take you behind the hype next.
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an explosive scene at a soccer match in the middle east. how one player avoided disaster after finding a grenade on the field. and how good is your sense of smell? the surprising link to your personality.
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a vacation to mexico turned deadly for a family from walnut creek. 72-year-old ted clark was swept away by a giant wave while he and his wife walked along a beach in cab over san lucas yesterday. the boast was found by a boat. his 66-year-old wife was seriously injured as well and tonight family and friend are mourning the man they call
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friendly and repful. >> it was devastating to find out that it was my neighbors. and i found out because someone from world news came by and asked how i knew the parks. and i wasn't told. >> neighbors say the man was a retired engineer. the couple has lived in walnut creek for more than 20 years. an 11-year-old boy is resting at oakland children's hospital after he was shot while asleep in his home. the shooting happened around 1:00 this morning. someone opened fire into this home on macon road in east oakland. in all, 16 shots were fired including one that hit luis hernandez in the chest. the bullet pierced his lung and is now lodged into his liver. he is listed in serious condition. the family has no idea why they were targeted. >> crazy. what are you doing this for? so like you're hurting our family. we didn't do nothing to your family. my brother is suffering right
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now. >> after several operations this morning, doctors say it is too dangerous to remove that bullet but the sixth grader will survive. police have not made any arrests. we have an update on the condition of that firefighter from san jose. his heart stopped while he was battling a fire three weeks ago and he is now out of the hospital. we're told he will be back on the job soon. doctors released frank ryan from regional medical center yesterday. the 41-year-old man went into cardiac arrest while battling a fire at st. patrick's church in downtown san jose last month. doctors say his fellow firefighters saved his life. that includes his captain who says as soon as ryan was released yesterday, he visited the crew at station one where he has been working for a decade. >> he is a great guy. a lot of fun. he loves the fire department. >> is there a little more pep into station one now that he's back? >> i think everybody was emotional. it was just a great day when he walked through the door yesterday to see it.
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to see him come back and visit was wonderful. >> since his collapse, ryan has never been alone. firefighters kept a round-the-clock vigil at the hospital while he recovered and he reportedly man's to return to the department in a couple months. ? le in co-founder of apple went across the world to get his new phone. the lines are long but the atmosphere is festive. nbc bay area's george kiriyama is among the apple faithful in los gatos tonight. this iphone e. >> let's show you the line. you can see the line stretching from the apple store here in los gatos. a mishmash of line veterans and newbies out here for the first time. the apple fans we talk to tonight say they're excited about the phone's bigger screen as well as other features on the phone. tech analysts are picking iphone 5 will be the largest in history with the estimated 10 million phones to be sold over the
11:17 pm
weekend. another iphone and you know what that means. another line of people who just can't wait to get their hands on the newest apple gadgets. >> it is the newest thing. you know? everybody has to have the newest thing. the new updates. >> reporter: debby newman is tag teaming with her husband to buy the iphone 5 and yes, he has to have it now. >> he is in i.t. he wants to be the first. he wants to try it out. he wants to make sure that any information he gives to other people, you know, he knows all about it. >> reporter: some people already have the iphone 5 in their possession like the australian where the first iphone sales took place. this brisbane reporter show steve woes knack standing in line. also standing in line was this guy in san francisco for the online service task rabbit. the service where you can have other people do your errands. >> i said i would do it for 1,500 and they took my bid when i said i had a ten. >> reporter: the iphone 5 will
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not have maps. but a glitch in the map app may have frustrated some new users but not all. >> they'll get it all worked out. everything new has its glitches. so it will all come about. >> reporter: as you can see some guys playing some cards because they know they have a long wait until 8:00 tomorrow morning. more on the new maps app glitches. the software is showing things in the wrong location or showing stores that no longer exist. but users speck this to be worked out. and they'll buy the phone any way. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> is george going to jump in that card game right now? >> reporter: i know. i'm right here. can i join in on the game? they're just laughing. i don't know if that's a yes or no. we'll find out. >> i'm still getting over the $1,500 to stand in line. >> reporter: $1,500. that's a lot of money. >> george kiriyama from los
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gatos. let's bring in our meteorologist jeff ranieri who i believe my run out to the iphone line. i think apple timed it with nasa. what do you think? all those people with those new phones. taking pictures. right now the good news. the onshore flow is starting to weaken. five to ten miles an hour. so as temperatures are cooling off, we will see that fog and also some low cloud cover re-form. what you'll find out of our live hd sky camera network, is an excellent view. this is best case scenario right now. to be able to see that flyover as we head into tomorrow morning. just because it is clear doesn't mean it will be totally clear for the morning hours but we'll detail that for you. let's get into the next 48 hours. we have this area of low pressure. it has had all kinds of storm tracks the past couple days but here's the good news. for the upcoming weekend. it will take more of the dry storm track and move inland as we head throughout saturday and sunday. primarily for a lot of you, it will mean a cooler weekend as we head into sunday. we'll get some barmer air moving
11:20 pm
from the south. we'll have a widespread in our temperatures. 50s to 60s at the coast. a few areas of fog and for the interior valleys, from 70s to also 80s. so again, the next three days. a little below averages but definitely comfortable. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, of course the "endeavour" flyover. you can see the fog will be here across the coastal mountains. as we advance this, here's the great part. the fog continues to push back as we head into the 9:00 hour which is currently showing nasa ames at moffett field with relatively clear skies. i think it may be overdoing the clearing a little bit but nonetheless. you should be able to see the shuttle flyover as we head throughout tomorrow. that even means in san francisco for the 9:00 hour, temperature in the mid 50s. a little low cloud cover. definitely the best case scenario for san francisco this time of year. and back here, temperatures will be on the cool side. we'll need the jack but we'll have some broken clouds and some
11:21 pm
sunshine. not a bad forecast for you. and speaking of the "endeavour," it has had a long history. it arrived in 1991 at the kennedy space center and it has had 25 missions, 299 days in space and circled the earth 4671 time. your upper 40s to low 50s in the north bay. the daytime highs should top out like this with low 80s in san jose. 85 in livermore. the three-day forecast arriving saturday and correspondingly, the temperatures will start to drop into the upper 70s. what about on time as we head into next week with plenty of upper 70s to near 80 degrees. i saw this shuttle when it first lifted off. in central florida near daytona beach. a little kid. i'll see it fly over the bay area. thanks. just ahead, seconds from disaster. the unbelievable video from a soccer match. stay with us. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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an interesting link between
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identifying potential psychopaths and a poor sense of smell. people with assume official charm, a lack of empathy and impulsive tendencies have remarkably poor sense of smell. researchers say the finding is not surprising because those traits can all be traced to dysfunction in the brain's frontal lobe. the study tested 79 noncriminal psychopat psychopaths. they had problems correctly identifying different scents like oranges, coffee and leather. participants with the most psycho pathic tendencies had the worst sense of smell. a frightening scene on a soccer field in iran. someone tossed a grenade like object on the field during an asian championship league game. watch as the soccer player unknowingly picked up the explosive. there he goes. and casually tosses it. then it bursts into flames. and that sent people running, needless to say. >> the fashion war between alex smith and the nfl league office.
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now the giants are getting involved. ♪
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i'm at the xfinity sports desk. the magic number is down to three. the giants need three more win or dodger losses or any combination there of to be the 2012 nl west champs. that by virtue of a series sweep against the colorado rockies. the giants finished up the four-game sweep at at&t park this afternoon. pablo sandoval went yard not once but twice in the game. once from each side of the plate. buster posey went back to back with pablo sandoval in the fourth inning. the giants go on to win it by a final of 9-2. they're feeling pretty good right about now. >> this is a lot of energy. a lot of positive energy. everybody, the chemistry in this clubhouse is very special. >> it is a similar feeling. it is different in its own
11:28 pm
right. we're a different group of guys. different mentality. a lot of us who are still here from that team. we carry that experience with us. it is paying off right now. it is clicking, yeah. doing pretty dang well right now. >> and check this out. you might have heard yesterday that 49ers' qb alex smith was nearly fined $15,000 for wearing a giants hat to his postgame press conferences. prior to thursday's game, giants manager bruce bochy wanted him to know, he has his back. >> alex, he supports us. so i'm going to support him. that's the giants supporting him, too. so they're a great club. it's an honor to aware it. >> meantime, the a's finishing up their set. austin jackson badly misplays that. two runs coming to score.
11:29 pm
the a's take the 6-3 lead. a bases clearing double. the a's go on to win it 12-4. thursday night football. the giants over the panthers. 36-7. that will do it from the xfinity sports desk. nbc bay area continues after this time-out. actually, let's get it back to raj and diane right now. >> did he not want to send it back to us? >> he wanted more camera time. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
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who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] heas 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you. we're all excited about the shuttle coming. it's very exciting. >> t-minus 9 1/2 hours. goal yep gate brimming, not a bad forecast. we'll have some clouds. temperature in the mid 50s. you should be able to see the flyover if you're headed to the golden gate bridge. and at moffett field, we know there will be thousands of people headed this way. the temperature in the upper 50s
11:32 pm
to low 60s. we'll have some sun in there. you should be able to see it in both locations. that's the great news because the flight plan will take it in a couple different directions. so keep your eyes to the sky and set the alarm clock. >> around 9:30 in the morning. look up. >> thanks for joining us tonight. hope to see you back here tomorrow. >> good night. [ fingers tapping ]
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